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A simple change brings significantly lower cost and better performance to hyperscale storage .

By changing to our vibration protected racks, companies will be able to change to consumer disk drives for maximum storage capacity with minimum cost in hyperscale storage. Vibration protection resolves the problem of lost performance from consumer disk drives caused by typical and persistent operational vibration in data centers.

Green Platform provides a passive vibration protection rack system. Commodity-based storage installed in the rack system is protected from vibration so consumer disks perform better. Data transfer rates for consumer disk drives installed in our proprietary racks can be 20- 30% higher compared to the same disk drives installed in a typical metal rack. This performance boost is due to protection from operational storage vibration, surrounding environmental vibration from adjacent hardware, fans, air conditioning, and power distribution units in data centers - to name a few.

Green Platform’s vibration protection rack system is available in two designs: an industry standard 19” EIA and an Open Rack, which conforms to the Open Compute standard. Learn what was presented at Open Compute Summit 2014.  VIEW PRESENTATION

Hadoop applications are 23% faster when consumer disks have vibration protection.

Read the full test report: Data Center Vibration and Commodity Server Performance Analysis

Still not sure this is an issue? Watch a short video for a light-hearted demonstration of the problem by clicking on the video to the right.

Companies can move to consumer disk drives, saving money knowing performance is protected from vibration.
Green Platform’s rack systems provide a risk free move to high capacity and low cost consumer disk drives.