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A simple change brings faster performance to Big Data analytics.

Enterprises invest in big data analytics to improve decisions and gain business advantage. Faster and more sophisticated analysis provides greater benefit. An analysis is iterative – with multiple variations run sequentially. Reducing the time to complete a big data analysis is valuable. Faster performance supports better business decisions. Insights to improve operations, sales, marketing, and customer support all benefit.

Green Platform is focused on the growing problem of vibration and disk storage performance. We have developed and are commercializing unique and novel vibration management products to improve performance by managing vibration. Vibration substantially lowers the performance of commodity servers, used in combination with Hadoop.

A new Vibration Protection Open Rack is shown at the Open Compute Summit 2014. Designed to conform to the Open Rack standard, this new solution adds vibration protection for consumer disk drives. Review the information presented in the storage session.  View Presentation


23% faster jobs when vibration is managed!

Read the full test report: Data Center Vibration and Commodity Server Performance Analysis

Watch a short video for a light-hearted demonstration of the problem by clicking on the video to the right.


The typical and persistent vibration in a data center will degrade the disk drive performance in a commodity server. Hadoop performance is better when vibration is managed.  More jobs can be completed sooner with the existing system.

Faster big data analytics is better.